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Ask for help.

If you are unsure about anything to do with your bike, come and see us. We don't charge for advice or quick check-overs. Small jobs can be sorted straight away. Often little niggles lead to bigger problems if they're not dealt with quickly.

Maintain a clean drivetrain.


This is best done with a chain cleaning device but its not essential. Remove all dirt and grime from cassette, chain, chainrings and jockey wheels using brushes, picks and degreaser. Make sure that everything is thoroughly rinsed of all degreaser using low pressure water. If you leave degreaser on the drivetrain it will turn your fresh chain lube to a blacky gloopy mess. Ensure everything is thoroughly dry before applying fresh lube. Remove as much excess lube from the outside of the chain as possible with a lint-free cloth.

Correctly tighten bolts.

over tightening can lead to very expensive mistakes.
under tightening can lead to very painful mistakes!
If in doubt, get it checked out.

Check tyre pressures regularly

Ideally before every ride. Tyre pressure dramatically effects how the bike handles and its rolling resistance. Tubes and tubeless setups will both lose pressure over time. Also remember to check your tubeless sealant every 5-6 months.

Wipe dirt away from moving parts

Dirt will be forced into bearings and seals if it is left to sit against it. Grit will damage suspension if allowed to get into the seals. Lower leg/air can services are recommended regularly to avoid this.

Wipe and rinse sweat away

Sweat is highly corrosive and will destroy various parts of your bike if its left

Check battery levels regularly

This obviously applies to e-bikes but also electric shifting sytems. Sram etap has batteries in the shifters as well as the proprietary ones on the derailleurs and can be checked in the app.



Don’t Ignore unusual noises

Any noises are a sign that something isn't right. Sort it out ASAP. If you are unsure, bring it in for a check-up.

Don’t cover the entire bike in degreaser or bike cleaner. 

Most bike cleaning products are effectively degreasers and if they come into contact with grease, they will break it down. This will then leave bearings exposed to water and ultimately will be left to rust. Be very careful when cleaning. Be especially aware of this on full-suspension bikes. Only use it where and when necessary.

Don’t spray anything (apart from brake cleaner) near or on your disc brake rotors or calipers (or rim brakes and rims for that matter).

Polish, lubricant and some cleaners will contaminate and leave a residue on pads and rotors causing noisy, ineffective brakes. At worst it can cause almost complete brake failure. Check the pads for wear and debris regularly. Putting in the oven or sanding them WILL NOT restore them!!

Don’t put fresh lube onto a dirty chain.


It will just turn to a horrible mess and wear out your drivetrain much faster – just clean it! Don’t over apply lube either – apply a drop to every link and wipe away excess. Don’t pour it on the chain and ride straight away either – it’ll just spray all over your frame and wheels and possibly contaminate your brakes.

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