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The workshop is at the centre of everything we do.

We repair and service any make, model and type of bike whether you're an enduro/DH mtb'er, road cyclist, commuter or a leisure cyclist. We understand the completely different areas of attention that every type of bike requires, and our attention to detail will ensure you get the best level of care.

Flow Cycles is all about customer service. We pride ourselves on the quality and level of workmanship we provide. All our work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. 

Our workshop in Longridge is equipped with the very best tools and equipment available.

Why use Flow Cycles?


Customer service is number one, without returning customers and recommendations, we wouldn't be here. Our workshop is often booked up in advance and so we recommend ringing or messaging first on 07552944661.

We carry a wide range of parts and spares with next day ordering-in available for anything we may not stock.

Our turnaround times are quick and we exclusively offer our same day express service for smaller repair jobs.

We offer a competitive price for labour and only use good quality items to carry out repairs.

In summary, we can carry out any work you may require on any bike you have. No job is too small or too technical.  You can also use your routine servicing as an opportunity to upgrade key components around either performance or bike fit. Speak to us about customising your ride to see if you can turn your servicing into a total bike transformation.

How much will it cost?

It all depends on how much work you need doing. We will look at every job on an individual basis. If your bike is in good working order, is clean on arrival and needs minimum work, then you will be charged accordingly. If your bike needs a full strip, degrease, lots of new parts and a full rebuild, then this will again be charged accordingly.

When you bring your bike in, we will go through it with you carefully so we can give you an idea of what parts need replacing and what work needs carrying out. 

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Service Prices

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Check + Tune

Just what it says, minor adjustments to brakes, gears, check bolt torque, headset compression etc. Fine tuning and safety check on any bike.


Check + Tune plus another 30 minutes work which could include jobs such as fitting cables, a bottom bracket replacement or a new headset bearing etc


A More in-depth service to sort out issues with worn or dirty parts. We will remove and thoroughly clean your Drivetrain (cassette, chain, derailleurs, and cranks) in our eco-friendly hot parts washer, tensioning and truing of wheels when required, clean frame and fork, clean/replace bottom bracket and clean/replace headset bearings.

Suggested every 1000 miles or 18months






This is a strip down and rebuild. Your bike will be restored to as near as new as possible. Your brakes will be bled and almost everything removed, cleaned, and regreased or replaced.

Suggested every 1500 miles or 30 months

If there are any additional jobs we notice whilst having a 'fixed price' service we will let you know asap and adjust the price accordingly, taking into account the fact that we are already working on the bike.

Any upgrade components purchased from us can often be fitted for no extra charge during a service.

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Kids' bikes need maintenance too so your little rippers can keep on pedalling.
We will still carry out the same quality of service we would as if we were doing a service on an adults bike.

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We carry out in house suspension servicing and maintenance on Rockshox, Fox, DVO, Marzocchi etc. Older models or defective suspension will be sent to one of our trusted specialist suspension servicing partners.



Linkage & pivot bearing service from £20 +bearings

Rear shock DU bushes from £10 +bushes/hardware

i9 hubs.jpg


We have a large range of custom options to choose from as well as repairing or upgrading your existing wheels


Individual item and repair price list

Sometimes you just need us to carry out some more specific work. In some cases it won't be listed on here. We can still do it! The work in this instance will be charged at £50 p/h in 15 minute increments.


Please note:

Labour prices above do not include parts.

If you are looking to have something fixed that isn't on this list, don't worry!

This list is just to cover the most common repairs. The mechanics can undertake any job to do with a bicycle.

Because there are so many different shapes, sizes and potential problems when it comes to bikes these days, there are some jobs we can't put an upfront price on.

These jobs will be charged by the amount of time taken. This also means that if a job gets done a lot quicker than expected the price will be lower to reflect this.

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