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SERVICE PRICES FOr 'more unusual' Bikes:-

We complete work to our usual exacting standards on almost any bike. We have a workshop space that can easily accomodate trikes, cargo bikes, tandems and disability bikes. Any tasks undertaken that don't fall within our usual service or repair pricing will be priced on workshop time in 15 minute intervals.


Please note:

Labour prices above do not include parts.

If you are looking to have something fixed that isn't on this list, don't worry!

This list is just to cover the most common repairs. The mechanics can undertake any job to do with a bicycle.

Because there are so many different shapes, sizes and potential problems when it comes to bikes these days, there are some jobs we can't put an upfront price on.

These jobs will be charged by the amount of time taken. This also means that if a job gets done a lot quicker than expected the price will be lower to reflect this.

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